Why Use Alliance?

What makes us different at Alliance Payments is our direct connection with our merchants.

Every business is unique, and understanding each business and having a relationship with each owner ensures that we find the best solution and lowest rate for every one of our merchants. When choosing a processor, the 3 most important things to look for are Cost, Convenience, and Management.


On average, people who switch to Alliance Payments save 30%. Not because we have any secret advantage over the competition, but because our business philosophy is to give merchants more for less. We work on low margins to ensure our clients always get great pricing as long as they process with us.


For most business owners, time is as valuable as money. Everyone has been caught in call center hell, stuck on the phone, selecting prompt after prompt. People often initially switch to Alliance Payments to save money, but the reason they stay is for the customer service.

It’s rare in this industry to get a direct number to the owner of the company, but our merchants can text or call directly to my personal line. Having direct access and avoiding call centers is as good as gold these days. We are here to work for you and make your life easier to save time and enable you to focus on what’s important to you.


At Alliance Payments, we actively manage all our merchant accounts to ensure they do not incur unnecessary fees or experience “Rate Creep”. By now, chances are you’ve heard about PCI Compliance. We are here to help you maintain your compliance status and avoid paying penalties. Managing your account also involves checking your rates to ensure they don’t creep up over time. This tends to happen in the merchant processing industry, so it’s good to have someone actively manage and monitor your account on your behalf.

Alliance Payments services are provided by Cardconnect, a First Data Company. When you process through us, you get the safety, security, and incredible rates that come with one of the largest processing companies in the world, paired with the personalized service that is often missing in the world today.

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Online Payment Processing – Key Factors to Look For

payment processing services

Are you looking for payment processing services? Before you sign up with one, make sure that you have considered the following factors first:

Security is paramount

Always prioritize the security of the merchant processing services you’re going to use. This will ensure that your customers and your sales are protected from unauthorized access. Also, the security level will say a lot about the integrity of the payment processor.

Scalability is crucial

Your business is going to grow, and so should your payment processing platform. This is why you should use one that’s sustainable and can keep up with the demands of your company. As much as you can switch to another payment processing service in the future, choosing the appropriate one now will save you from the hassle.

Choosing the correct product

Payment gateways offer a variety of payment solutions for businesses. This is beneficial, but can also be confusing for newbies. Make sure that you choose ones that you actually need like debit, credit, and so on. You can add other products in the future as the need arises.

Easy checkout

Remember that about 25% of all consumers will abandon their carts if the checkout process includes registering for an account first. As such, look for a payment processing platform that gives this as an option and not a requirement.

Check the fees and agreements

Payment processing platforms will charge fees based on the type of transaction made. Make sure that you check this part as some will charge hefty fees, which will cost your business a lot of money.

Merchant account

The merchant processing services you’re going to use must have a dedicated merchant account. This allows you to more efficiently manage your accounts and monitor your business’ cash flow.

merchant processing services