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CardPointe Gateway


CardPointe Gateway The state-of-the-art CardPointe Gateway is specially designed for interchange optimization, so you’ll receive the lowest rote possible for every transaction. Our gateway is built for omni-channel credit and debit cord payment acceptance and protects every transaction with CordSecure. The CardPointe APl makes it easy for merchants and developers to integrate to the gateway




CardSecure protects every CardPointe transaction with PCl-certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and patented tokenizotion. For enterprise companies, CardSecure seamlessly integrates with Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and lnfor, helping to minimize PCI compliance requirements.

CardPointe Platform


Our small-to-midsize business offering, CardPointe, is a comprehensive payments platform that gives merchants the power to easily manage their payments with omni-channel credit card acceptance, access to real-time and detailed reporting, recurring bill plans and PCI compliance management tools. All of these features, and more, also extend to a native mobile opp.

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