We work with a multitude of different businesses and processing solutions.

Where to start?

Alliance Payments

At Alliance Payments we have the ability to integrate with a variety of  different POS systems and processing solutions. So no matter what your processing needs are we have several great options to fit your business needs.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Alliance Payments. For this reason merchants can cancel their account at anytime with no penalties or fees. This paired with several $0 cost processing solutions makes switching to Alliance Payments an easy choice. Your business can be up and running in as little as 2-3 business days!

Dollars and Cents Add Up

Alliance Payments

How much volume did your business do in credit card volume last year? If you haven’t reviewed your processing costs in the last few years chances are you are paying an additional 1/2% to 1% every time you run a credit card transaction. These additional pennies over the course of the year often add up to thousands of dollars! This is additional revenue that should be going strait to your bottom line. At Alliance Payments we actively manage your account to prevent your rates increasing year after year.

What to avoid

Alliance Payments

Most business owners simply look at the rates and fees when choosing a processing company. Here is a few tips on what to look for when choosing a processing company.

Avoid companies that only offer 2-3 year contracts with costly penalties for early cancellation. Good companies should never need to trap their customers to succeed.

Processing companies that push you towards leasing equipment is also not a great sign. Not all lease options are bad but certain processing companies use leases to make short term revenue gains at your expense.

If you decide to purchasing equipment try to do a little research and determine market rate. Processing companies and reps will often mark up inexpensive terminals to increase earnings.

Find out who will be managing your account. Having a direct relationship with your account rep will pay dividends. So find out as much as you can about them. How many years have they been doing this? How accessible are they? Your account rep will be your advocate and work on your behalf as a go between you and your processing company.

Want to learn more?

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