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Important Disclaimer: Your partner income will come from our residual split, not affecting the referred merchant rates. We prioritize our merchants and actively seek like-minded business partnerships.

In today’s business landscape, finding a win-win-win scenario is rare. However, we offer such an opportunity for business owners, commerce site developers, and managers. If you are involved in setting up or managing commerce sites for clients, consider partnering with us to earn a revenue-sharing opportunity.

Instead of simply integrating Stripe or any other processor for your clients, refer them to Alliance Payments. By doing so, your customers will enjoy the benefits of reduced processing fees and superior customer service from our dedicated team. In return, you will receive a monthly residual income for the lifetime of the referred account. It’s like a free recipe for generating additional income while providing your customers with an enhanced processing experience.

Don’t miss out on the potential for easy residual income. Collaborate with Alliance Payments and create a win-win-win situation for yourself, your customers, and us.

Partner with Us: Get Started and Schedule a Meeting to Explore Referral Partnership Potential

Please fill out the “Get Started” link below, and we will arrange a time to discuss the details and determine if a referral partnership is a suitable fit for all parties involved. We value selectivity in our partnerships and look forward to exploring this opportunity further.

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