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Merchants today face a tough choice: Pay high fees for convenient fixed cost solutions like Square, Stripe, or Toast, or opt for a traditional processing company with fees that increase slowly over time. With Alliance, you’ll enjoy consistently low rates throughout your account’s lifetime and direct tech support solutions for your business.

Alliance Payments

The majority of merchant processing is controlled by 5 major processors. These large publicly traded companies have one thing in common: shareholders. The quickest and easiest way for these large companies to show increased earnings is by implementing small rate increases across the entirety of their merchant portfolio. Every quarter, Alliance Payments conducts rate reviews for our merchants. If we identify any increases in your account, we have the power to decrease them accordingly. We act as a bridge between the processor and our customers, with a focus on customer satisfaction. We continuously work to keep our customer’s rates as competitive as possible. Experience the difference of customer service at Alliance Payments, where we offer direct support and avoid the use of 24 hour call centers and chatbots.  

(P2PE) Enhanced Data Security

Working under the Cardconnect umbrella provides unparalleled access to the payment industry’s best technology, support and resources.

Cardconnect is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiserv, Inc. This relationship allows us to focused on helping businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing. We provide solutions for businesses that accept bank card transactions, store sensitive data and seek to push the boundaries of innovation.

Trusted by more than 150,000 merchants, we’ve designed the ultimate merchant experience. We provide the products, tools, resources and value-added solutions that empower our merchants to succeed and grow, all while remaining successful in a quickly evolving marketplace.

By combining Fiserv’s comprehensive set of solutions with CardConnect’s revolutionary payment technology, we give our merchants the competitive edge to achieve their next level of success.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

It is important to understand that all processors operate on the same underlying cost structure, known as interchange, which is determined and regulated by Visa and MasterCard. Therefore, any claims made by processors about having the “best rates” or “lowest fees” are simply untrue.

In the credit card industry, the truth is that people are not drawn in to help others but rather enticed by the potential income it can generate. The higher fees you pay as a merchant the more the processor or sales agent earns.     

As a general rule try to avoid equipment leases, long-term contracts, high account cancellation fees, steady rate increases, and cold calls to solicit your business.

At any point, any processor can truthfully save you money. They just lower you rates a little closer to cost to secure the contract. After a few years of small unnoticed rate increases this switch may cost the merchant thousands in additions fees. If you have been in business long enough chances are you have had this experience. 

It turns out in this industry, if you work on low margins, take care of people, and are honest, you can really do well.

Our Happy Customers

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